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How To Judge The Quality Of Fire Clay Brick

Fire clay brick accounts for an important position in the refractory industry. The most important feature of fire clay brick is that the raw materials can be obtainded locally.

Fire clay brick is cheap and durable. It can be used for fire protection, thermal insulation, sound insulation and moisture absorption. Therefore, it is widely used in industrial production. The scrap...



Applications of fire clay bricks

Fire clay brick plays a versatile role in the many industries.

Fire clay brick can be used in the metallurgical industry. Fire clay materials including shaped refractory materials and unshaped refractory materials acount for about 70% of the total refractory materials. Hard clay is used to produce refractory materials for theblast frunace, hot stove, ladle lining brick and...


Applications of Fused Cast AZS Block

Fused cast AZS block is made of high pure raw materials in a special electric arc furnace by the casting process of long arc melting and oxidation treatment. There is almost no carbon contamination from the electrodes.

Due to the casting process and high pure materials, fused cast AZS block has super strong corrosion resistance to the glass liquid and low potential of...


The difference between refractory bricks and insulation bricks

As their names imply, refractory brick is used to withstand high temperature and flame, while insulation brick is used to insulate and reduce heat loss. The insulation bricks seldom directly contact flame, while refractory bricks can directly contact flame. Both have their advantages and are used in different parts of furnaces.

Insulation bricks always have thermal...



Applications of Zircon Refractory Materials

Recently, as a new refractory material, zircon refractory material has been developed. In the refractory industry, natural zircon minerals and artificial extracted or synthetic zircon oxides and composite oxides have been widely developed.

Zircon materials have been more widely used in the glass industry, metallurgical industry, cement industry, ceramics industry and...


Common Refractories Used In the Glass Industry

Compared to the traditional processing, modern glass making technology has undergone a qualitative change in efficiency, energy consumption and quality. Furnaces, as the core equipment of glass making, continue to be improved. The rapid development of glass making promotes the development of refractories.

Refractories used in the glass furnace are required to withstand higher...


The Application of Insulation Materials in Heating Furnaces

Insulation materials are always used as the insulation layer and lining of heating furnaces. It can reduce heat loss and save energy. There are a variety of insulation materials, including lightweight refractory products, insulation monolithic materials and refractory fiber products.

The roofs of the heating zone and soaking zone are constructed with high alumina hanging...


Rebonded fused cast AZS block

Rebonded fused cast AZS block is made of AZS frit or waste fused cast AZS block by adding a small amount of kaolin or alumina as binder. Rebonded fused cast AZS block is composed of A12O3 (50-60%), ZrO2 (20-30%) and SiO2 (14-20%).

When heated to a certain temperature, glass phase exuded by fused cast AZS forms mullite with binding agents. Bricks should be fired at...


Bonded Again Fused Cast Alumina Block

Bonded again fused cast alumina block is a type of bonded again sintered refractory brick made of fused corundum clinker as the granular material and fused corundum or sintered corundum powder as the matrix.

When using fused brown corundum or white corundum as raw materials, the frits should be smashed and then processed by removing the ferro-silicon alloy and other...


The Economy of Fused Cast Bricks in Glass Furnaces

Fused cast AZS block has been used in the checker work of the regenerator and the crown in the glass furnace.

Fused cast AZS block has excellent resistance to the erosion by fly ash to the checker brick in the regenerator, which is confirmed by its application in the burner. Fused cast AZS is durable than other bricks even it is only used in the upper layer of the checker...